“Uniquely Yours” has been published!!

We have such exciting news for you! Ms. Ceili’s latest book “Uniquely Yours” is now available on Amazon.com!!! If you or someone you know loves adult coloring books then you will LOVE this book as well!!

Here is a bit more about the book and a link to where you can get it for yourself or a loved one.


A create-your-own-scene book for adults and teens.

On each page you will find a line or two, and the rest of the page is left blank.  This is where it becomes your book.  You draw/ paint/sketch the images that the lines at the top bring to your heart.

(This book will then become a timeless treasure to share with your loved ones.)


Two new books coming this spring

I am working with my editor on a new book for adults titled “Uniquely You” in this book you will have a few lines at the top of the page.  The rest of the page will be blank.  This is where the you part comes in. You can create what ever you feel when you read those lines. For example, what would you create when you read the following line?

“A thousand ships shadow a bitter bloody day”

You create with pens, markers, paints, and what have you to create what you see in those lines.  I hope you enjoy this book and it brings out your creative side.

We are also working on a kindle book titled “Rhyming Prayers” This book will feature rhythmic prayers for any situation or faith.

Both are coming to Amazon.com in spring of 2015



It is that time of year, you know when everyone starts cleaning things out.  Well this site is no exception.  I shall be cleaning out the old blogs aka 2014-2015 to make room for new blogs 2016-2017.

The best blogs (according to me editor and you) will be put in a book for that once she deems it fit, will be published here in a special section titled “Ceili’s Best” or something lame like that.

Here is where you can help.  Select from the poll your favorite blogs.  The ones with the most likes will get placed in the new page.

Happy 2015

Year in Review

January = Started creating the Children’s Corner for our local paper

February  = Discovered the Beach Club in Gulf Shores bought a condo there

March =  Started work on My 1st Dream Journal

April = Went back to Gulf Shores to write and work on condo

May = Still working on book

June = Holiday in Huntsville, Al. Got to see the giant Lego exhibit at the natural gardens. Celebrated my nieces birthdays

July = Celebrated T and America’s Birthday got journal to editor

August = Published Dream Journal, Back to Gulf Shores for the shrimp festival

September = Family comes to visit, celebrated Papa turning 70

October = Handed out 400 pieces of candy on Halloween. ( I kid you not.) I counted the candy.

November = Began working on book two in the My Dreams and Me series.

December = Writing this list and hoping I got all the events placed in their proper month.

11888007_10207551164847005_7660313038783791772_n NGRAANDSTANLYIn other news I got a new semi tame cat named Ngra. and we both enjoyed a visit from Flat Stanley, and we morned the passing of a great man Mr. Dick Van Patten.


So What was your year like?