Flat Stanley.

I got to be the host for a wonderful guest named Flat Stanley.  Here are his letters back to the third grade class who let him come visit me.  As well as a few pictures from our time together.

December 2nd 2015

I am having a wonderful time with McCollonough.  Last night we went to a christmas party where she had to keep reminding me not too eat too many sweets.  Luckily she carried lots of gum in her purse, and the waitress brought me some string cheese.  Sadly she forgot her camera so we do not have any pictures.


December 3rd 2015

McCollonough is from Ireland and is friends with a leprechaun! He is name is Jacks and he sometimes leaves coins for her.  Last night he even left one for me.  Since I cannot hold it well I shall give it to you.  So far I have played with the chicken who do not like to give up their eggs.  I have watched eagles flying, Seen the lights of Nashville, TN.  That is the closest big city to McCollonough and had a popcorn fight with her cat Ngra.

December 4th 2015

Guess what? McCollonough took me with her to the library and remembered her phone.  I got to have my picture taken with Summer her favorite librarian. I also browsed the books in the children’s section and found a few fun things to read.

STANLYSCOINFROMIRELAND FSBOOKS NGRAANDSTANLYF.S. With his Irish coin, Helping me find a book, and getting a hug from Ngra.

(Dollar is now jealous of Flat Stanley and now wants to go out on the town with me as well.  This could get interesting.  Hum I wonder if Dollar would fit into my backpack?)