Where to find McCollonough’s Books

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Personal Note from McCollonough: Before I give you the list of my books, please know that I will be happy to personally sign any paperback book you buy, then mail said book back to you. Just have Amazon.com send them to P.O. Box 518 Bon Aqua, TN, 37025

I can also send you a free personal autograph sticker for you to place in your book. For a free sticker send your address with the name you want the autograph made out to, to noriangirl@yahoo.com

A Bit about the this author:
McCollonough Ceili is an Irish/American author who discovered her love for writing when she was asked by her American mother to write about her life on the island Noria. Even though McCollonough had always love to create stories with her twin brother Hansa, she had never thought of writing them down, until it came time to pen Noria. That was in 2009 and now four years later McCollonough has penned seven titles for all ages. Below you will find each title along with a short list describing the contents of the book and the age group that would get the most benefit from reading said book.
List and synopsis of McCollonough’s published work thus far. All titles can be found on Amazon.com

List of Published Works
Noria: A Collection of True Stories and Legends From Noria by McCollonough Ceili and Patricia Cannon Childs (Aug 6, 2009)
My autobiography of my early life on a primitive island off the coast of Ireland
(4) reviews Four and a half stars

What Happened In Hallandale: Part One by McCollonough Ceili (Feb 19, 2012)
(2) Reviews four and a half stars
Journey with twelve-year-old Piper as she goes to the world of the angels, a deserted island, and back in time, all while trying to change a past that should not be changed. Or should it?

Letters from Dollar the Contributor Bunny (Volume 1) by McCollonough Ceili, Jessica Childs and Summer Fay Foovay (Jul 22, 2012)
Dollar loves to “Help” or “Contribute” to the aide of others, but the way he does will leave young readers laughing out loud. This book also has lots of places for children to color and create their own adventures for Dollar
(0) Reviews

My Magnetic Poetry by McCollonough Ceili and Jessica Childs (Nov 2, 2014)
(0) Reviews
Using just the words found in the popular kitchen magnets by the same name “Magnetic Poetry” McCollonough has created worlds from words.

Jacks The Mischievous Leprechaun: Story And Activity Book by McCollonough Ceili and Summer Foovay (Feb 21, 2012)
There is nothing that Jacks loves more than making mischief. Though sometimes the side affects of his funny magic are not well, funny.
(0) Reviews

Mr. Cloud Man by McCollonough Ceili and Steve Thomas (Oct 8, 2014)
(1) Review
A new picture book that introduces the concepts of sharing and evaporation with the youngest of readers

SILLY ME (A BOOK OF SIMILES) by McCollonough Ceili and Steve Thomas (Apr 1, 2011)
(1) Review
A fun interactive E-Book that teaches modern children the Victorian Era game of Simile


Please note only requests made by email be excepted.
Title of book you want to review.
List of places where you will be publishing your review. Example Amazon.com, Twitter,Your personal blog, Facebook

If you would like to schedule an interview with Ms. Ceili please email Nina at kidcorner@yahoo.com 


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