King Lear was entertainging  though hard to understand.  I was relieved to know that I am at least not the only one who found this play a bit of a challenge to follow.

The gist of it is that two sisters join forces to drive their father to madness and their baby sister to death. (why I am not sure)  It was fun see the costumes of the age, and try to understand Elizabethan English.  I am defiantly not fluent in that form of the Queen’s English.

If you get the chance I would recommend seeing it, if for not other reason than the enjoyment that is Shakespeare.  Wish I was able to converse with him on the pleasures of writing for the masses.

kinglear2 kinglear3 Getting excited for the show.  The set before act one, scene one.


About McCollonough

I am an Irish/American author who has several books published on and Kindle. Though I mostly write for children, I have written a couple of books for teens and adults. Including my autobiography Noria. Here is a list of my published works thus far.
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