“Uniquely Yours” has been published!!

We have such exciting news for you! Ms. Ceili’s latest book “Uniquely Yours” is now available on Amazon.com!!! If you or someone you know loves adult coloring books then you will LOVE this book as well!!

Here is a bit more about the book and a link to where you can get it for yourself or a loved one.


A create-your-own-scene book for adults and teens.

On each page you will find a line or two, and the rest of the page is left blank.  This is where it becomes your book.  You draw/ paint/sketch the images that the lines at the top bring to your heart.

(This book will then become a timeless treasure to share with your loved ones.)



About McCollonough

I am an Irish/American author who has several books published on Amazon.com and Kindle. Though I mostly write for children, I have written a couple of books for teens and adults. Including my autobiography Noria. Here is a list of my published works thus far. http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B004V4RN0Q
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