Photography Page

This is now going to be the place that I show the results of my newest hobby photography.  I hope you enjoy.  Feel free to print off the photos you like most, just give me credit and donate what you can if you can. Newest images will be on top.




The Cold Moon


View from our airplane as we entered OR.



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Working on kids corners back soon…

I hope to be back to me blog soon.  Right now kids corners are taking up a lot of me time. If you want to see them in your local newspaper, please tell them so.  Here is a puzzle for you to enjoy while you wage.


Here are the words that need to be place in the puzzle


3) HE GETS LOTS OF _____
5) I ____ THE HOUSE



2) BOYS ARE ______

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Too Busy To Write? Too Busy to Grow.

At least that is what I have been told.  Yes I have been writing, I just have not had a chance to place anything here.  I am so sorry about that.  If any of you are still reading this blog let me say THANK YOU!! for sticking with me.

I had been though the ups and downs of this thing we call life.  I started my personal new year yesterday the fifth of September and am now ready to be more committed to this blog.

Please do not hesitate to shout out WHEN WILL YOU WRITE NEXT!! if you have not heard from me in a while.

The big news here is that me wee story “Dollar Cleans House” will soon be featured in a magazine.  I will make sure to let you know when and which magazine as soon as I know the confirmed date of publication.

Thanks again for sticking with me.  Have a great September Everyone!!

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Summer Writing Contest 2017

Official rules for the Summer Writing Contest are as follows.

Please write a one paragraph to one page about Summer11040937_10206460284815686_4754350280658013244_n

Each entry will be placed in one of the following age categories as posted on entry. 5-6 / 7-8 / and  9-10

2. One three entries from each age category will be selected for final voting by a community of voters.

3. One winner will receive the grand prize of a creative writing pad or journal and a blue ribbon.  2nd and 3rd prize winners will receive a certificate and sheet of stickers.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.

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Life appears to get in the way of what we want to do, when in fact it is exactly what we need to do.

Sorry I have not been on for so long.  Life has handed me American family and I some interesting hills and valleys as of late.

Everything is settling back down I think. Now it is time to focus on publishing my new book “The Great What If” and getting my Children’s Corner into more papers. I am hosting a colouring contest for newspapers during the month of Feb. So if you know of a paper that might be interested have them contact me by the 30th of January at so I may send them the image to publish along with the rules.

I hope to be back on here more.

Light and love to the lot of you,



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Happy November


Please print out and colour.  I am wanting to see if I can put colouring sheets and games on this blog.

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Sorry for my Absence

I have been away for a long time, getting healthy again and working on getting my Children’s Corner syndicated.  For those of you who are still reading this site THANK YOU!!!  For sticking with me during the last seven months!!!

I am going to offer you something special to say thank you! Here are some of my Daily Children’s Corners for the month of Oct.  I hope you and the wee ones in your world enjoy them.

Please let me know if you are able to print them.  I am still working out the kinks in that part of my website.




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